Wednesday, February 07, 2007

W0W!! Its been a year!!!!!1

Didn't realize it had been so long. Anyway, this is what the red headed death machine looked like two days ago. It now has been stripped to the frame. Said frame is at a local powder coating place and the sheet metal is at a painter friends. We are preforming radical color changes and upgrades to the suspension, drive train, and whatever else I can afford to do before the damb snow melts off. Hopefully I can find all the pieces when I try and put it back together.

Maybe I will post a motor being held up by a cat litter bucket or tranny laying upside on the floor pictures to scare all of the want-to-be scooter wrenches back to school.

I promise to post more.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sex is great.

Hi every body!

Been a week or two so I thought I would pop in and say hi.

This time of year really sucks. The weather gets just nice enough to make you miss a decent summer day. Now don't get me wrong. I think any day above 60 degrees in January should be a national holiday. But its just not the same as that first over 85 degree day in the spring. There is something about not having to bundle up like you are atempting a lunar marithon that makes the riding of a motorsickel that much better. Hell, I've been known to ride home from work in less than 20 degree weather. While it may seem crazy to the no riders. It just plain sucks to me. Guess I'm just getting old.

Well lets see................

What else is going on.................

Still working at the motorcycle part manufacturing place. We just bought a new building, twice as big, already full of CNC machines, just waiting for you, the little people, too decide what kind of crazy prices you want to pay for me to build all kinds of one off custom parts. (we really only build parts for other manufactures that order in quanties of 50 or more just in case the IRS is reading) That and trying to keep up with normal production. Also we have started to add another motorcycle company to our customer family. Holy cow do they make some cool looking motorbikes.

Stop by and check there shit out. Kandi wants the pink won. They have a half sized won on the shop floor that looks like it runs on nitrous. I want it. Bad. For free.

So long boys and girls. I'm headed for another beeer.



Sunday, October 09, 2005

changes and attitudes

WoW! Been a while since i`ve posted. Lots of changes and experiences since.

No longer working in the aircraft industry. Currently managing a small manufacturing shop that makes Big Dog motorcycle parts. Can you tell why I now love my job?!?!?!?

Anyone have an idea for the newest latest greatest motorcycle accessory? Drop me a note and i'll get right on it. Its kind of cool having your own machine shop and get paid to make motorcycle stuff. Hell I've been doing it for years for free.

Made it back down to Fayettville this year. Saw some goons and generally lived it up in proper style. Pictures soon to come. That run is getting to big. Found a short cut into the vestivities and back out with no wait. Hell no I'm not about to publish where and how but if you know me follow me next year.

Still dating the beautifull one. Why she puts up with my shit, I have no idea. Even Chewy is amazed. I think this is a longest relationship record.

Hope anyone (thought probably no one) who reads this is riding and drinking ass munch as they can.

Live long and prosper,


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I've got to take a leak.

Well I took that leak. i now I donut feel like tyoing anymore. I have the woman of my dreams upstairs, asleep, and I'm fading fast. was going top post about my last copuple of weeks but don not care if you hesar agtout it now. Going to bed and hope you all have a good time. sinsearly the formally badneews one.


Fuck I'm drunl.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's a sick world and I'm a happy guy.

Holy cow. What a couple of months this has been. I know I haven`t posted in a while. Seems like job hunting takes up alot of time. The company I worked for, The Boeing aircraft Co. Wanted to sell its Wichita, Ks. division. In the processes of fucking over some of my friends, the union, and the city of Wichita, Ks. The "new" company really left a bad taste in my mouth. Not being the kind or type of person that likes a bad taste in their mouth, I was left with the choice to:

A.) Swallow
B.) Get a job somewhere else.

I chose B.

The real delicate part was getting laid off in the second round of cutbacks. I didn't want to just quit. I had 9 weeks of SUMMER TIME! severance pay I would be losing. So the mind games began. I couldn`t come right out and say I didn`t want the job. But managed to leave the impression with manangement that I really wasn't happy anymore. Either that or my bad attitude got me shit canned on the next round. Doesn't matter which is true, I got what I wanted. Hell I've had a bad attitude for years and it always seemed a benefit.

Now if I can just find a job before the end of August things will be sweet. I`m back in catia classes at WSU and looking for a little different line of work in the manufacturing field. Want a resume? Email me. Supervisory position or NC programming only for now. Wichita area(I would include Enid but don't deserve to live in such a fine city) day shift.

Had a great ride last Thursday. Was going to Sparks. But ended up heading North out of doodah. Had lunch with the infamous, Roady, in Mcpherson. Stopped at a bar in Salina. Realized he had never been to, "the lou" in Manhatten. had a beer there. Roady headed back home and I proceeded to get lost in the flint hills of NE Kansas. Ended up finding the kick start saloon in Topeka. I nice place I would recommend to anyone that doesn`t suck. Made it back home late that night but satsified. Headed to Sparks, probably, sometime between now and Sunday. Unemployment is a bitch, aint it?

I can't promise to keep this up much. Other things are more important and my free time, as strange as that might seem, is pretty damb short now that I'm not working.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Nothing funny here.

Well I survived riverfest. The lure of free beer and beautiful women to look at was just too great a temptation to turn down. Managed to miss a day or two of work, dammit. Looks like I`ll be making a very brief trip to Sturgis, again. 3rd shift sucks. I would have alot less days missed if they would have left me on 1st. Basturds.

Most of the week was great weather. That usually doesn't happen around here in May. The river events were cancelled Saturday morning cause of the high water on the river. Bunch of pussys were afraid of, swift river currents. Typical of people in charge of stuff. The slightest bit of danger involved can't be any fun. Wonder how they would have liked my 100+mph ride across town the other night. Maybe I`ll make it a riverfest event next year. We can call it, The kellogge schlogge. Everyone drinks up at their favorite west side bar. Then at closing time we take off. The last one home pays everyones tab. Riverfest button, optional. No leaving early.

We have recieved our last, best, finale, offer here at the big B. Voting will comence next Tuesday. I don`t think its a bad offer. But the mood out here at the plant is less than chipper. I wouldn`t be surprised to see it fail by an 80% vote. When half the plant could retire in 3 years. Its doubtful they will embrace they kind of change this entails. The Canadianas will probably pack up and head home. Leaving mother boing to chop us up at will. Anyone want to hire an almost middle aged machinist? I`ll be the first to admit my job is going over seas. Just wished they would wait another 10 years. I`d have a chance to retire. As it is I have to sell either the house or the bik... the house it is!!! I kind of got offered a job Friday. Friend of a friend job offers in a bar don't always materialize. So I`m not holding my breath. Unless Brian reads this, then THANKS FOR THE JOB!!!!!

When and if this all pans out. Maybe I`ll be able to write something more funnier.

Until then, ride hard.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Its Friday

Well hell, I've tried to think of something funny to post all week and failed.

Riverfest, big thing in this two horse, four bit whore town I live in, is going on this weekend-week-next weekend. Time to dust off the trailer and maybe mow the yard. (maybe) Now I don't want to imply I live in a hick town.......

She is working a beer tent. Can you say, free beverage? While, free is always one of my favorite things. When combined with, beverage. It is truely a thing of beauty. Plans are to get a ride down there with a friend, drink, and then get a ride home with her when she is done. Hopefully I can walk by that time. Repeat as needed during the week.

A hearty welcome to any and all who have followed the link on the goon site to here. Though I haven`t seen it yet. Maybe Jeff thought I was someone else. How about that Jeff guy. Talant, good looks, AND a slick motorsickle. No wonder he's married. Good thing to as none of us old bald guys would have a chance with him around.

I`ll work harder on next weeks.

Stay away from, them.